• sarahgerrardjones

Back to Fade to Black

It was great to be back at Fade to Black for another Terrarium Workshop. Such a great venue and a really lovely group. Thanks all for coming, your Terrarium's looked amazing! Here's a few tips for keeping your Terrarium healthy:

1.The plants in a closed terrarium require moderate light but no direct sunlight.

2. Check the terrarium frequently for the appearance of condensation on the glass. If large water drops appear on the glass, the container should be left open for a while, until excess moisture evaporates.

3. If there is no condensation on the glass at all, add a few more squirts of water and position in brighter light.

4. Remove any dead leaves

5. Trim plants when they start pressing on the lid

Follow these simple steps and you should enjoy a healthy Terrarium for years to come.

Sarah x