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Chatting at Cheltenham



The book your houseplants want you to read

I'm going to be at Cheltenham Literature Festival talking about my book The Plant Rescuer alongside Michael Perry (aka Mr Plant Geek)

About the Event:

With the rising popularity of house plants, our flowery friends have become permanent additions to our households. Plant bloggers Sarah Gerrard-Jones (The Plant Rescuer) and Michael Perry – aka Mr. Plant Geek (Hortus Curious) – have amassed thousands of followers on Instagram, sharing their green-fingered wisdom with fellow plant parents. If your Monstera is molting or your Pothos is looking peaky, Sarah and Michael have the answer. They join Julia Leonard to discuss our favourite plants as well as the lesser-known hidden gems. Sarah and Michael also share their top tips to make your own jungles thrive.

Ticket includes a glass of fizz!


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