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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 - The Plant Clinic - Gold Medal Winner

Our aim in creating The Plant Clinic for The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is to educate houseplant owners on how to reduce the stress our plants experience in our homes and how to increase plants' health and well-being.

A lack of knowledge and improper care can contribute to the cycle of buying and killing plants - The Plant Clinic aims to break this cycle by demonstrating simple adjustments and additions which can increase the health and longevity of plants - such as the correct substrate, light, humidity and plant food

Increasingly, houseplants are being viewed as short-lived disposable items, much like a wilted bunch of flowers but with some basic care they can live for decades and even become heirlooms. Show them kindness, learn what they love, and in return they will show their gratitude by enriching your life for years to come.

Plant production is a multi-billion-pound industry and with it comes all the environmental costs associated with mass production: energy and water consumption, peat consumption, chemical use, emissions from air and freight travel, not to mention the amount of non-biodegradable plastic used. Those of us who buy houseplants like to think of our hobby as being ‘green’, but houseplant production has a large environmental footprint. Therefore the most sustainable thing you can do is keep a plant alive! The aim of the Plant Clinic is to help people do this.

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